When do I need to change my tyres?

One sign that your tyres need changing is noticing, for example, that your car does not handle or grip the road as well in poor weather conditions as it normally does, or that it takes longer to stop when you apply the brakes. The fact that tyres wear gradually can make it difficult to identify the reduction in performance, so it’s best to have them checked regularly and preferably by an expert. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the tread on your tyres is not worn beyond the legal minimum limit of 1.6 millimetres.

You should also be aware that there are many different reasons for tyre wear. Your tyres don’t just get worn through age and use, but through emergency braking, under-inflation or over-inflation. And if your wheels are misaligned, one edge of the tyre can wear more rapidly than the other edge. We recommend a weekly walk around the car to check the tread, look for bulges or wear and to check tyre pressures every time you fill the tank.

West End Garage employs only the highest quality mechanics with years of experience. This depth of knowledge allows us to accurately advise you when you need to change your tyres, be it immediately, in a month or almost a year away! We will never falsely advise you to change your tyres merely to charge you for the privilege, we believe this violates the bond of trust we endeavour to develop with our clients.